Wink was born on December 26, 1963, two months premature and looking like a wet baby chick. I’ll say this much for Wink, this labor was quite easy and before I knew it, he was here.

Being premature he suffered from newborn maladies, colics, etc. and was up most of the night. I would pick him up to soothe and comfort him and he would frown at me like “who the hell are you” frowning and complaining were two of his favorite pastimes and he was not a happy baby.

Late one night, as I held and rocked him he winked at me and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. So I asked him what he was winking about and he gave me another big smile and another wink. You know how babies can smell the mother’s milk from 3 feet away so at that time he promptly turned his head to see if he could find mom’s tit to feed on.

I would come home for lunch to be with him and he would wink and smile. So the nickname stuck. Initially we were calling him Winky boy but later on this was shortened to Wink.

I think the boys in elementary school liked making fun of Wink but he endured. By the time he finished junior high and got to High School the “fox” named Wink was sought after, respected and feared. Wink became a popular guy in High School and tradition remains for he continues to be just as popular, perhaps even more than before.

Wink it has certainly been a real privilege and an honor being your mother and I thank God for the gift of YOU. May God bless you in all your endeavors, business ventures and growth and success. I am real proud of you I love you and wish you the very best. You will always be my knight in shining armor.


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